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Instructional videos

Face Recognition Registration: This 1 minute video will explain how to register your image to use TaxMe's Face Recognition utility.

Autofill a web form with Face Recognition: This 1 minute video will explain how to retrieve your data usiing our Face Recognition utility.

Form 941 Tutorial, COVID19 Video 5 Minute Overview: The IRS finalized updated form 941 to collect information about the new COVID-19 tax incentives, expanding the form from two to three pages, and adding 58 new data fields (previously 18 total lines). Taxpayers must use this form for the second, third and fourth quarters 2020.

In this video, we highlight 5 Key Takeaways and highlight our solution, which automates most of the fields.

Form 941 Tutorial, COVID 19 Version- 33 Minute Detailed Discussion: In this video, we explain how to complete Form 941 in detail, including a detailed discussion of all the recent 2020 changes to teh form to account for new COVID-19 Employer Tax Incentives.