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Electronic Federal Tax Payments (Forms 94x)

INSTRUCTIONS: All documents will be available for review and download when ALL PARTS display Complete. To validate a PART, expand it and collapse it.
Employer identification number (EIN):*
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IRS Deposit Rules     Settlement Rules
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⚠️ After signing, if you make any changes to the form, you MUST sign again in order for any changes to take place.
Download and review your payment documents. When satisfied, type your email address, read and check the box next to the authorization agreement and click the "Authorize and Send" button.
AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT: I certify I have the authority to execute this payment request. By clicking the "Authorize and Send" button below, I authorize Tax Me, LLC to make deposits and payments beginning with the period indicated on line 16 of Form 8655. I understand that this agreement does not relieve me, as the taxpayer, of the responsibility to ensure that all deposits and payments are made and that I may enroll in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) to view deposits and payments made on my behalf. This authorization will remain in effect until it is terminated or revoked by the taxpayer or reporting agent.      I agree
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