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Pay Employment Taxes

You must schedule payments by 6 p.m. ET the day before the transaction date.

PRICING: 2.0% over the EFT Payment amount or $3.50, whichever is greater.


  • Download FORM 8655 and save it to your local computer. This form will be your KEY to submit future payments, keep it in a familiar location to request future payments. We strongly recommend you use a free software from Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Fill out the form at your own pace.
  • Sign the form by following the instructions provided next to the signature field. FORM 8655 MUST BE ELECTRONICALLY SIGNED: To sign, click the signature field at the bottom of page one; this will allow you to certify the PDF copy. WE WILL NOT PROCESS FORMS WITH BLANK OR HAND TYPED SIGNATURES. If you can't certify your signature on this form, print it, sign it and fax it to (804) 835-6696
  • When you are ready to submit:
    • Upload your completed form 8655 (Step 1 below).
    • Fill in all EFT payment fields (Step 2 below).
    • Read and Confirm the Perjury Statement by checking the box next to “I agree”.
    • Type your email address and the “Authorized By” name below. The name must match the contact person's name in box 6 of form 8655.
    • Click the "Authorize and Send" button.

STEP 1: Upload your completed Form 8655 Reporting Agent Authorization.
STEP 2: Submit your EFT payment details. Fill in ALL payment fields. Read the "Authorization Agreement" and mark the "I agree" checkbox, enter your email address, your name and click the "Authorize and Send" button.

AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT: I certify I have the authority to execute the attached form and authorize disclosure of otherwise confidential information on behalf of the taxpayer. By clicking the "Authorize and Send" button below, I authorize Tax Me, LLC to make deposits and payments beginning with the period indicated on line 16 in the attached document. I understand that this agreement does not relieve me, as the taxpayer, of the responsibility to ensure that all tax returns are filed and that all deposits and payments are made and that I may enroll in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) to view deposits and payments made on my behalf. This authorization will remain in effect until it is terminated or revoked by the taxpayer or reporting agent. I am authorizing the IRS to disclose otherwise confidential tax information to the reporting agent relating to the authority granted on line 16, including disclosures required to process Form 8655. Disclosure authority is effective upon signature of taxpayer and IRS receipt of Form 8655.      I agree

Upon successful upload, a notification will display on top of this screen immediately followed by an email. Your EFT payment will be processed after our fee is paid.