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Tax Payment Services

tax-me can help you make any federal tax payment in a fraction of the time that will take the average taxpayer.

We can process your tax payment within 24 hours. Otherwise, enrolling for the first time and paying taxes yourself using EFTPS will take about a week.

Making payments is easy:

  • Fill out, sign, date and title Form 8655. Do not send or fax this form to the IRS, this form is for our records and will be submitted to the IRS by our office. You only need to do this once.
  • Send us a copy of a voided check from your financial institution. Your tax payments will be debited from this account.
  • Let us know the amount, form type (941 / 940) and period (month) to apply your payment.
  • Fax all information to (804) 835-6696
  • A 2% or $7.50 fee, whichever is greater, will be charged per tax payment. Payment can be made by clicking our PayPal link

Important: Your tax payments will be debited from your financial institution. When you pay our fees, do not include the amount of payment you want to remit to the IRS.