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e-filing forms 941 / 940

tax-me is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a Software Developer, Transmitter and Electronic Return Originator (ERO). IRS 94x MeF Providers

tax-me develops its own software, uses its own platform to originate your return and transmits the data to the IRS which allows us to have full control of the process from start to finish. We do not use third party software that may cause interruptions or down times.

e-filing is easy and will take about 25 minutes to complete, the following information is needed:

  • Completed and signed form 941/940
  • Completed and signed form 8879-EMP. Important: A 5 digit PIN number must be selected at random, avoid all zeros. Do not request it from the IRS, this is a self-select 5 digit PIN that will act as your signature. Read more
  • Payment of $15.00 per form (941/940). Form 8879-EMP is free of charge. You can pay using our PayPal link
  • Fax to (804) 835-6696 or email info@tax-me.com
  • IRS Acknowledgment files will be delivered via email

Reporting Agents

Definition: A Reporting Agent is an accounting service, franchiser, bank or other person who complies with Revenue Procedure 2012-32 and is authorized to prepare and sign employment tax returns electronically for a taxpayer. Reporting Agents may transmit their own returns, or may use the services of a third-party transmitter.

If you are a Reporting Agent filing on behalf of a taxpayer, complete Form 8655. This form will serve as an authorization to either sign and file a tax return or pay employment taxes on behalf of a taxpayer and must be mailed/faxed to the IRS. Do not submit Form 8655 to us as part of your e-filing documentation. This form is for a Reporting Agent's records. Read the instructions on page 2 for further details.

tax-me provides client support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.